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A popular game where participants climb mountains using a hammer sounds interesting and yes, it’s all about Getting Over It. If you want to join the Getting Over It ecosystem, try playing this game online where you can watch videos of players’ challenges too. You should also have joined the official Discord server to chat with other fans of the game and get tips and tricks. Actually, Getting Over It is a game that will test your patience and skill, but if you get through it, you will feel a sense of immense satisfaction.


In fact, throughout the game you have to control the sledgehammer held by Diogenes, to help you will be accompanied by the voice of the creator of the game – Bennett Foddy. Your goal in the game is to climb the mountain using the sledgehammer as a support to grab objects and overcome various obstacles, if you can not jump over the obstacle in time, the game ends: you can lose part of the progress or you will need to do everything from the beginning.
Use the mouse for control.

Characters in the game

1. Diogenes is the main and only hero, he is in a big cauldron. By the way, the game creator borrowed the name Diogenes from a scientist who lived in a pot.
2. Sledgehammer – an object that helps to move. You see it during the passage of the plot
3. Pot – an object in which Diogenes is in, apparently for better cushioning during the fall.

Stages of the game

Here in detail about what you have to go through in the game.

The first stage

You appear in the game, first of all you will need to pass through a tree and then through a low mountain. Next you will be faced with the Devil’s Chimney, just one tunnel and a few lamps that are inside.
All of these obstacles are easily accessible as a tutorial for the initial stage and all of them are not too far away from each other, so even if you are new to the game – it will not be too difficult for you. Especially always behind the scenes you will be soothed by the voice of the creator of the game, who sometimes says different philosophical phrases.
The creator himself says that even with such a low difficulty of this stage, 40% of players still can not defend the territory.

Second stage

To get to the next stage of the game you need to pass through the Chimney. Here, unlike in the first stage, where vertical obstacles are used, in the second stage there will be moments where you will need to move sideways. If you pass the DANGER sign you can be thrown back to the starting area.The main thing is to pass the whole Orange Hell and then after successful passing you can get to the third stage.

The third stage

The third stage is as it should be the final stage, the most difficult and longest. But for this you must pass the Orange Hell and approach the Church. All this time you can always lose and go back to the initial stage. Jump over the ice balls, climb the rope, avoid the snake hole and then you will successfully complete and pass the game.
Do not forget that during the game always get bonuses.
An interesting video where you can see the world record for completing Getting Over It in just over 1 minute:

Interesting Facts:

  • Diogenes is silent the entire game, but sometimes when he can grunt.
  • As Bennett Foddy said the sledgehammer is not actually a sledgehammer, but a Yosemite hammer.
  • No one knows if the main character has legs or why he wears a pot. But as the creator of the game said, he needs the pot to keep from crashing.
  • In the game on the 2nd stage you can see pictures of Diogenes of Sinope, in the middle of the real figure and Diogenes “Overcoming This”.
  • The story of the character Diogenes took from the real history and life of the philosopher

“Hiking is very similar to how you do it in real life, keep that in mind and you will succeed”

The words of Getting Over It game creator Bennett Foddy carry a fierce meaning. He often speaks to players to encourage them, sympathize with them, and share his thoughts on overcoming challenges. Depending on the situation, his words can be inspirational, philosophical, or ironic. He may also quote other world historical figures such as Albert Camus, Henry David Thoreau or Winston Churchill. His goal is not only to make the game more interesting and deeper, but also to help players deal with the frustrations and failures that inevitably arise during the game. He wants the participants of the game to feel that they are not alone in their quest to reach the top, and to realize that they are neither the first nor the last to face such a challenge. The creator also wants gamers to enjoy not only the process, but also the outcome. He says, “This game is a journey I made for you with love. And if you tell me it’s not for you, I understand. But I hope you will try to complete it. Not because it has any meaning, but because you matter.”

Recognition of Getting Over It among Influencers, YouTubers and Streamers

Getting Over It was created by Bennett Foddy, who is also the narrator and comments on the player’s actions. In the game, you have to use a hammer to climb a mountain, and if you make a mistake, the player falls and loses all progress. The game is known for its high difficulty level and unusual gameplay that evokes strong emotions such as anger, frustration, despair and joy in the player. Many celebrities played this Getting Over It and decided to share their personal emotions with subscribers. Some did it for fun, while others did it for fame or money. Among them are celebrities like Markiplier, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and DanTDM. They have showcased their attempts to conquer the game on YouTube, Twitch channels and other platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Their videos have racked up millions of views, likes, and comments, and reactions to the game have varied widely, with some screaming, cursing, crying, and throwing mice and keyboards, while others have been calm, joking, or philosophizing. Getting Over It videos also helped to increase the game’s popularity and attract other players. Many people wanted to try playing the game themselves or watch others do it.

Huge support from true fans and dedicated gamers

Getting Over It fanbase is a community of people who love the game and are interested in its story, characters, meaning and creativity. It consists of various groups and platforms where true fans can share their thoughts and opinions about the game, tips, fan art, memes and other creations, and communicate with each other. There is an official Discord server that allows fans to communicate with other players and the game’s creator, Bennett Foddy.

The server has various channels where you can discuss the game, ask questions, talk about achievements, participate in contests and events, and just socialize and have fun. The server has over 30,000 members. Getting Over It has a presence on Reddit, allowing fans to post and comment on the game. On Sabreddit you can find news, updates, guides, saves, analysis, reviews, humor and more.

A fan site about Getting Over It on the Fandom platform allows fans to create and edit articles about various aspects of the game. The site provides detailed information about the game’s story, characters, locations, items, quotes, cultural references, and other interesting facts. Our website allows fans to play a different version of the game online. In this version of the game, players control a potted cat that climbs up colorful blocks and giant fruits. The game’s difficulty and physics are the same as the original.

On our site you can find other interesting genres on this topic, as well as play a similar game on the main page.

The universal influence of the Getting Over It universe

The game has received a lot of positive feedback from critics and users for its original design, deep meaning and unique experience. Getting Over It has also received several awards and nominations for its quality and impact on gaming culture. With over 2 million people owning the game on Steam, it is also available on other platforms such as iOS and Android. Thus, Getting Over It has become one of the most influential and popular games in recent years due to its recognition among the world’s Influencers, YouTubers and streamers. It has shown that games can be not only entertainment but also art, making players think about themselves and their place in the world.

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  1. SparkyStar:

    Getting Over It is a weird game, but it’s cool

  2. Oliver:

    Getting Over It is a super tricky game, but I can’t stop trying!

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