Getting Over It 2

How to pass Getting Over It 2

Fans of challenging games will definitely like the arcade fan-version of the game about climbing mountains with a hammer Getting Over It 2. Here the player with the participation of founder Bennett Foddy has to play as a cat in a pot, climbing over colorful blocks and giant fruits. The game can be characterized as difficult and does not allow mistakes.

Features and innovations

There are a number of changes in the second part of the game. Instead of a man trying to climb a mountain using a hammer in a cauldron, you play as a cat in a flower pot, climbing over colorful blocks and giant fruits. This makes the game more exciting and colorful. The controls are as follows: move the pickaxe with the left mouse button and use it to hold it on the surface, holding it down allows you to move the pickaxe continuously, and the hook point can be changed by moving the mouse left or right. All this makes the game more dynamic and requires more coordination. The main goal is to climb as high as possible and collect gold coins, reaching some kind of records. The game never ends, so you can play as long as you want. If you fall, you will lose all progress and have to start all over again, hence, in Getting Over It 2 there are no checkpoints or save options. Overcoming all obstacles requires patience and perseverance. Instead of the voice comments of the game’s founder Bennett Foddy, as in the original, you will hear various sounds made by the cat and the environment, which gives the game a more light-hearted and fun atmosphere.

Getting Over It 2’s large fanbase

I should add that the game has a lot of fans and comments on the internet. Some find it very funny and addictive, while others find it very annoying and pointless. The reactions of people playing this game can be seen in the videos: many youtubers such as PewDiePie, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have made relevant videos about this game where they showed their emotions and comments from playing Getting Over It 2. In addition, it is also possible to share your opinions and impressions about the game on social networks and forums, where you can find many people who have already played this game or want to play it in the future. You can discuss with them various game aspects such as graphics, sound, difficulty, gameplay and at the same time, it is a good way to socialize with other game lovers while learning something new.

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