Getting Over It Unblocked

What the game Getting Over It Unblocked is about

If in search of a game that constantly tests you and makes you start it over and over again, overcoming challenges and failure, then you should try playing Getting Over It Unblocked. This is a fan-made online version of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, in which you climb mountains with a hammer, endowed with different graphics, sounds and difficulty levels. The goal of the game remains the same – climb as high as possible and collect gold coins, for which points are awarded. You can also see your record on the screen. The game never ends, so you can play as long as you want, which is its main highlight and distinguishing feature from many similar games.

How Getting Over It Unblocked differs from previous versions

Getting Over It Unblocked differs from the previous Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy’s voice acting in several ways. Accordingly, in Getting Over It Unblocked, instead of a man in a cauldron trying to climb a mountain with a hammer, you play as a cat climbing on colorful blocks and giant fruit in a flowerpot. This gives the game a more fun and colorful look. Getting Over It Unblocked is a free game that can be played online at sites on the internet network. There is no need to download the game or install it on your computer as you can easily find and run it in any browser that supports HTML. The game gives the impression of a frivolous and fun atmosphere, however, this is just an external facade, because inside everything is much harder. This will definitely be expressed by gamers who have already played the game, as well as a lot of famous youtubers, bloggers, who gave their assessment of Getting Over It Unblocked.

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