Baldi’s Basics Minecraft

A puzzle game with survival horror elements

In this game you explore the school, solve puzzles and avoid Baldi’s teacher with survival elements such as resource extraction, construction and defense against monsters. Baldi’s Basics Minecraft is a modified version of the Minecraft game with the original educational and training elements of Baldi’s Basics. Here, players must solve various puzzles to complete levels and win. Overall, the game is a combination of puzzles and survival in the world of Minecraft.

A unique blend of Minecraft elements in Baldi’s Basics Minecraft

Minecraft elements present in Baldi’s Basics Minecraft include: blocks that can be used to build structures such as earth, stone, and wood, various resources such as coal and iron that can be mined to make tools and weapons, mobs that attack the player such as zombies and skeletons, items such as apples and swords that can be used to survive or fight mobs. However, Baldi’s Basics Minecraft also has its own elements that are not present in the original Minecraft game, such as new blocks and mobs.

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