Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense

Very creative and unusual – that’s all Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense is about

Perhaps one of the most unusual and addictive Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense games, in which you have to defend your hero with a camera from the attack of toilets. Place various fighters such as cameramen, TVs and speakers to battle the toilets and collect coins. The game has many levels, modes and difficulty levels and can also be played online with friends.

It is very funny and interesting

You can build different towers by combining different colored items to improve your weapons and abilities. The game has a lot of interesting and varied levels, modes and morphs. The game features interesting graphics and sound effects that emphasize its humorous style. Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense is based on the popular “Skibidi” meme, which appeared after the band Little Big released a music video for the song of the same name. In that clip, people perform a bizarre dance by imitating the movements of a toilet bowl. In general, the game is a parody of this meme and the “tower defense” genre.

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