What an evil Mario

The well-known good character Mario is reincarnated in a parallel universe in such a way that he doesn’t look like himself at all. Mario.Exe is a fan-favorite horror game in which Mario is now evil and kills his friends. The game is based on a creepypasta in which a sinister file with the .exe extension plunges the player into a nightmare. The game was created by a certain user CoolRash and has received many reviews and subscribers on the Game Jolt website. The game consists of several levels in which Mario must fight zombie mushrooms, Luigi and other characters from the previously familiar Mario world. The game has a dark atmosphere, contains blood, violence and screams.

What makes Mario.Exe unique

The game stands out for being a fan creation inspired by classic Mario games. It contrasts the familiar imagery of the main character by utilizing horror elements such as bloody scenes, bullying, screaming, and ominous music. In addition, the game is characterized by an unexpected plot and an ending that makes the player wonder about Mario’s motives and fate. The game has received a lot of attention and popularity on the Internet, especially on the YouTube platform.

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